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This site have been created to honor the old school hackers that have started this site back in 2007, and for the real hackers that you never hear about. I want to introduce people the true philosophy and ethics of hackers, hopefully giving them the social status they deserve. Many thanks to the Masters at #Codemasters and #Ubuntu on Dalnet and EFnet that have taught and supported me to be who I am today.

Also I want to thank the great community at howtoforge.com specially  Falko and Till the creators of ISPconfig for all the info they are sharing and their support.

People that I will never forget as Spithash, Sipher, erb, Wiseguy, Nando¬†and adrian. You never heared about them not for being ashamed about the things they are doing, But because they just don’t brag about it. Hackers that are busy building systems and solving problems that been caused by Crackers and packet kiddies. Hackers that you can find inside IRC chat rooms on Dalnet, Undernet or Efnet educating people for free.

Last few years we have started to see people from all around the globe claiming that they are hackers while 99% of them are crackers. That’s a very important thing to know that most people don’t know about Crackers are not Hackers. Now, What you will find here on this site is ethical hacking and tutorials about how you can protect your system. If you are looking for a new way to crack passwords or some automated software to help you take down some websites then there is nothing here for you to see.




If you’re a good hacker, everyone knows your name

If you’re a great hacker, no one knows who you are!


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